The engine is the heart of the racing car and the transmission is a critical component that transfers the power and torque of the engine to the road. Both stock and race engines work on the same basic principles, however the two are very different when it comes to the details. The racing engines have various modifications made to them that help to extract more power and torque, reduce their weight and improve reliability, all of which can give you a competitive edge over your competition. Furthermore, carefully selected gear ratio will improve the car’s straight-line speed or acceleration.

At Milli Engineering, we offer a wide range of powertrain engineering services:

▪ Intake and exhaust manifolds design
▪ Other engine parts design
▪ R&D and rebuilds of engines
▪ Gear ratio selection


We used CAD and CFD software to design new parts that will help to improve your engine’s performance. In addition, our engineers employ lap time simulations to select the optimal ratios for your application.